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UDAP 15HP Super Magnum Bear Spray w/Hip Holster 9.2oz/260g Up to 35 Feet Black

Product Code:15HP
Dept:Safety Products
Type:Personal Defense


The Super Magnum Bear Spray is the largest bear deterrent registered by the EPA, and it comes with a hip holster. This can is available in 9.2oz/260g. It has the furthest spray distance at 35 feet. It is the hottest bear spray formula available at 2% CRC. Unlike other brands that spray a slower forming narrow fog of bear pepper spray, UDAP Pepper Power Bear Spray deploys a high volume powerful blast of highly concentrated pepper spray in a dense fog, covering a broader area in a much shorter period of time.
Type Pepper Spray
Size 9.2 oz
Weight 260 gr
Range Up to 35 ft
Repels Bears
Approved By
Strength 3%
Other Ingredient
Color Black
Active Ingredient Capsaicinoids

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