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Sabre HSDAK Home Series Personal Protection Kit 3 Piece Kit 4-14 lbs 500/1000/750 ft 120/115 White

Product Code:HSDAK
Dept:Teacher Aids
Type:Personal Defense


The Sabre Dorm/Apartment Kit is an affordable and practical solution to help keep college students and apartment dwellers safe. The kit includes: 120 dB door stop alarm (HS-DSA), 120 dB window alarm (HS-DWA), and a 115 dB personal alarm (HS-MPALL).
Type Personal Protection Kit
Size 3 Piece Kit
Weight 4-14 lbs
Range 500/1000/750 ft
Decibels 120/115
Repels Attacker
Approved By
Other Ingredient
Color White
Active Ingredient

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