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Exothermic Technologies PFLRTCA Pulsefire LRT *CA Approved Green Powder Coated Aluminum 10 ft Flame Range 25.70" Long Fuel Gasoline/Gasoline, Diesel Mix Includes Battery/Battery Charger

Product Code:PFLRTCA
Dept:Duty Gear


The patent pending Pulsefire LRT is the ultimate compact, lightweight, fully handheld flamethrower that sends a blast of fire 25 feet away with the press of a button. Constructed primarily of aluminum, the Pulsefire is compact and easy to handle only 6 lb empty. When the voltage is low, the system will disable the trigger, letting you know it's time to charge or change the battery. Easy thumbscrew access to the battery compartment lets you charge or swap out your battery in seconds. Alternative nozzle designs can provide alternate stream options or California law compliance. Use for bonfires, snow & ice, weeds, insect hives, agriculture, pyrotechnics, forestry and film & TV. Includes battery, battery charger and user manual. *This version of the Pulsefire LRT contains a fan-type nozzle which is designed and intended to limit any ignited streams length to under ten feet to comply with CA regulations at the time of manufacture. This nozzle may only be removed if authorization/license is obtained by the state fire marshal, or if the user is outside of California.
Model Pulsefire
Color Green Powder Coated
Material Aluminum/Brass/Viton
Weight 6 lbs
Netting Material
Window Material
Hardware Included

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