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Birchwood Casey 34219 Shoot-N-C Sight-In White/Black Shoot-N-C Sight-In White/Black 12"

Product Code:34219
Sub Type:Other


With Shoot-N-C Targets, bullet holes are revealed with color contrast rings for instant feedback and eliminating the need to walk downrange or use binoculars or spotting scopes. The self-adhesive backing makes targets easy to put up, and each sheet has pasters for easy repair to extend target life and shooting fun. The Sight-In Target has five targets on each sheet. Use the center target for sighting-in and the four corner targets for testing results of various ballistic loads or for confirmation of sight-in groups. The White/Black model uses the contrast of white over black, with a black "halo" so shots can easily be seen at many distances. When used indoors or outdoors, the white over black colors make seeing your crosshairs and open sights very easy. This White/Black model is 12" with convenient, numbered grid lines to simplify scope adjustments. It comes in a pack of 5.
Type Target
Size 12"
Quantity 5 Pack
Material Adhesive Paper
Illustration 5-Diamond
Ammo Type
Includes Pasters
Auto Resetting No
Impact Enhancement Yes
Enhancement Color Black
Mount Type Self-Adhesive
Target Color White

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