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Wheeler 119050 Pro Reticle Leveling System Pro Reticle Leveling System

Product Code:119050
Type:Tools and Equipment


The system is comprised of two machined aluminum level housings calibrated to their integrated levels. It is attached to the guns barrel while the smaller Reference Level is placed on scope base, bottom half of a ring or other flat surface perpendicular to the vertical axis of the gun. The gun is then rotated until the Reference Level is aligned. Its tuning adjustment knob on the Barrel Clamp Level is then turned until its level is centered to match the Reference Level. At this point the Barrel Clamp Level is calibrated to the guns axis. The Scope can be installed loosely and the Reference Level placed on top of the scopes turret cap. The scope is rotated until the Reference Level is aligned with the Barrel Clamp Level and then simply secured in place.
Type Level Kit
Material Machined Aluminum
Dimensions 6" x 11" x 3"
Bit Type
Weight Capacity
Gun Type Rifle/Shotgun/Pistol
Gun Model
Gun Caliber
No. of Pieces 1
Combo Type
Edge Type
Handle Description
Steel Type

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